Recap of Bonfire, 2015

by Kate on April 4, 2016

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BONFIRE September 2015

We flew to the University of the Nations to help run the first BONFIRE, an annual Tribe gathering that brings together lifestyle missionaries from around the globe. Bonfire is a Tribe family gathering for practitioners, leaders, pioneers and partners from around the world.

Lifestyle missionaries are people who intentionally integrate the call of Jesus into whatever work they do. We had a variety of people attend, from Korean pop music producer to Chinese megachurch pastor to Snowboarder’s for Christ president and missional community leaders from Norway.

It was an amazing time walking alongside these amazing people! We spent a week preparing for the gathering, a week running the gathering, and a week debriefing with the team and exploring the island.


Kate’s highlight: Getting to know the Tribe staff better & connecting with missionaries, pastors & pioneers from around the globe. 

Noah’s highlight: Bonfire turned out great! It went from a one-time event to something that will be central to the Tribe family for years to come. So my highlight was that it went well enough that we are going to run them again and again.

Sparrow’s highlight: Making new friends at the YWAM base!

IMG_3272 IMG_3364 IMG_3433 IMG_3477 IMG_3591 IMG_3596

tribe in prayerroom



The next BONFIRE will be YWAM University of the Nations campus in Kona, Hawaii from 19-23 September. Our desire is to build deeper friendships, share stories, exchange ideas, dream new dreams, and discover what God is doing among us now and in the year to come.

We believe Bonfire is a Tribe family gathering for practitioners, leaders, pioneers and partners from around the world. is summoning a legion of adventurous pioneers and spiritual homesteaders that carry the call to ignite communal fires and gather the wanderers to His welcoming warmth. He is raising up a new breed of missionary from every nation whose unflinching purpose is to make disciples wherever they go, bring restoration to whatever they touch and incarnate the transformative life of Jesus right where they live.

This clarion call has echoed across the nations and it is being answered by a new generation of lifestyle missionaries and missional pioneers. A generation who believes that every follower of Jesus is created with a purpose, equipped with spiritual skills, guided by the Holy Spirit and called to bring restoration into specific areas of society. A stealthy and unstoppable surge of ordinary people obsessed with radical obedience.

Because our emphasis is on building a global family, this gathering isn’t going to be about pulling in big name speakers, hearing lectures, doing workshops, or getting hyped up. Instead we’ll spend most of our time sharing meals, going on adventures and telling stories.

Get in touch if you’re a practitioner, leader or pioneer in the areas below & are interested to know more about attending this year’s Bonfire!

Business and Entrepreneurship
Church Ministry
Arts and Entertainment
Lifestyle Sports



January – April Kona Photo Recap

by Kate on March 1, 2016

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Life was FULL ON at the University of the Nations / YWAM Kona. While it took time to adjust to this many people and ahem… noise, it was really rad to be surrounded by so many amazing people & experience doing life together! We had heard about YWAM Kona for so many years and we couldn’t believe we’d actually be living there for a season.

What’s life there like? It’s hot and sunny everyday. And every building is open-air style. On base, you’re living outside most of the day. It’s hard not to be happy, with all that vitamin D. There is always someone to talk to or someone to pray for you. It’s common to see people praying together at any point in the day, at any random place around campus. Meals are in a huge group. Corporate worship gatherings happen on average 3 times a week as a base. There is a prayer room you can pop into at any time. You’re surrounded by amazing people with vision and heart. From new students from around the world, to the seasoned pioneers who helped start the base. To inspiring lecturers and well-known names. All over base are new moms, seasoned moms. There are kids everywhere, attending the base schools or kids-based DTS’s while their parents are staffing or students themselves. Sparrow made to many new little friends! It’s really like living in a thriving, busy village. Here are snapshots from our time on base!


The wider Tribe community here at Kona has put on several fundraisers while we were here. Read more about them in the captions.


The Tribe & Restorers DTS worked together to raise money for a missionary’s furlough. Rocky and Nimmy are based in India. Rocky is featured in the documentary, Blood Brother, & after many years of emotional and draining work working with HIV and AIDS children, the Tribe wanted to pay to give them a break. Fundraising was a success & his family spent one month here surrounded by all the positive goodness that can be found on base & in Hawaii.


Fundraising for the Tribe’s Ohana Fun Day we threw at the next door neighborhood.


Ohana Fun Day. The Tribe team’s aim was to spread aloha, help people meet their neighbors, and show others that you can do random acts of kindness for their neighbors.


Free mini manicure at the Ohana Fun Day


Students serving the locals a meal at Ohana Fun Day




Rocky & Nimmy Bratt joined the Tribe family for a few weeks to take a break from their missionary work in India. Rocky met Nimmy when he volunteered at an AIDS/HIV orphanage near her town. He was featured in the documentary, Blood Brother. Here he is sharing with some of the Tribe staff.


Rocky Bratt (left) signing his photo books to raise funds for their work! (Documentary: Blood Brother) Link to trailer.


Helping Nimmy sell their photo books of their work in India!



Rocky sharing at an open night about his and Nimmy’s work in India.





We joined a panel of married couples to share about relationships with the Restorer’s DTS on campus.


Tribe staff hangouts!


Noah facilitated Europe Night, where our Norwegian neighbors shared about all the amazing work they are doing in Norway and around Europe in the area of politics, media and business.


Matt & Noah sharing with Tribe staff about the new Tribe website & how it will connect & equip lifestyle missionaries around the globe. Good work Noah!!



Sparrow and I have had a lot of time together to explore the base and Hawaiian flora and fauna.


Amy and I really connected during her month stay on base. She and I know each other from New Zealand, at our YWAM Oxford base. I was so thankful to have an instant friend when I arrived who was available to hang out at any point, because she wasn’t tied to any school or responsibility. She is helping lead an Oxford DTS and was on furlough, recovering from some health issues. It was a great time of mutually encouraging one another.


Co-founder of YWAM, Darlene Cunningham, shared with the whole base about being free to be yourself in ministry and embracing your own gifts, not longing for the gifts of others.


It was an honour to listen to Darlene Cunningham share at the mom’s group! Photo by Tasha Hakeem


Kate’s been helping with Sparrow’s preschool & has enjoyed getting to know the moms and kids! Six nationalities represented (and a few kids missing from this photos.)



Meals were held here at the new cafeteria, lanai style! Gorgeous!


Monday & Friday nights were ministry nights. Loved the worship & prayer time!


Sparrow made so many amazing little missionary friends!


Listening to Dean Sherman’s lecture.


Selfie with Todd White. To save him time doing selfies with 100s of students… Everyone get up and take a pic!


Todd White was on base for a week sharing his heart with the students.


Without a car, we were reliant on the kindness of others and reliant on our own two feet! We often walked the 2 mile round trip into town and enjoyed the sights and sounds of local food, markets and cafes.


A Thursday night base-wide gathering. On a base of 1,000 or so people (students, staff, visitors, speakers, mission builders, etc.), there are huge gatherings for worship, guest speakers and meals.


So many people crossed our paths in three months, including this amazing Norwegian family. The girls got along so well!


Our former MCX student headed to Kona for a short season while he waited to renew his New Zealand visa. He is working as a mission builder here before he returns to Christchurch to work with us! He lived with us for many months and housesat for us. He’s become one of Sparrow’s many uncles!


Borrowed a car to catch the sunset! Yes, did I mention we were carless? 



Supporting the Fiji Outreach Team


Initial Tribe meeting to help organize a Fiji relief team for the Winston Typhoon.


Helping the Fiji outreach team sell baked goods to raise money!



Goodbyes are hard!


My friend Haley is heading up this awesome team & taking her four boys with her! Homeschool!


Sending them out!


Goodbye Fiji Team!

Kate’s highlight: Experiencing the “heavenly” culture & atmosphere of the base. She also enjoyed the season of growing in God and receiving personal breakthrough.

Noah’s highlight: Being productive and working in team. Spending quality time with Tribe friends & partners from around the globe. Being in the thick of where Tribe core is and feeling we’re a part of a bigger team.

Sparrow’s Highlight: Living next door to a new Norwegian friend (a darling little girl). They didn’t speak the same language but were so adorable to watch play together. Sparrow also gained confidence with swimming during this trip.

Noah continues to work with the Tribe from afar and will return to the base in September for the next Bonfire gathering. As mentioned in the Mail Chimp update, he is helping run a Tribe Leadership Camp in August in Norway. In the meantime, Kate has been editing a Tribe Lifestyle Missionary Devotional that will be available later this year.

Thanks for catching up on our time with The Tribe!


The Tribe: Kate Interviews Noah

by Kate on March 1, 2016

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Noah’s been involved with the Tribe for several years now but we know a lot of you are not exactly sure what the Tribe is or what Noah practically does, working with them. So I set out to interview Noah to help bring some clarity to you.

Though we are based in New Zealand and works for them remotely, he (or sometimes all of us) have had the opportunity to come over once a year the last few years to work in person with the Tribe team.


K: Tell me about the Bonfire gathering at Kona in 2015. What was the gathering about & who attended?

N: The big idea of Bonfire is to bring together like-minded individuals from around the world – those who are either involved in “outside the box” ministry initiatives or those who are looking at how to become more active as lifestyle missionaries in their own spheres. We had about 30 friends at the first Bonfire from all over the world, Norway, Korea, China, Switzerland and around the US.

K: What’s the significance of the name, Bonfire?

N: A bonfire – in the literal sense – is a gathering place where unique and interesting stories are told, songs are song, great food is eaten and spontaneous conversations can take place. When friends gather around a bonfire there is no agenda other than enjoy and get to know one another. In the same way, the Bonfire events are designed to bring people with a common heart together in a common place and encourage beautiful, productive and meaningful conversations that lead to life-long friendships.

K: Will there be more Bonfire’s & will you attend?

N: We are planning another Bonfire in Kona, Hawaii for the 19-22nd of September. This particular Bonfire will be a bit larger and focused on 4 specific areas: lifestyle sports, arts & entertainment, business/entrepreneurship, and ministry leaders. I’m hoping to be there – Lord willing – as I facilitate much of the flow of the event. 😉

K: Can you tell us what the Tribe is?

N: I can sure try. Explaining The Tribe has been a challenge mostly because it doesn’t fit well into the preconceived ideas of what ministry should look like. Traditionally the church has had two main categories or frameworks through which believers can bring participate in bringing God’s Kingdom into the world: church/church-planting and cross-cultural missionary work. The Tribe seeks to provide an alternative framework that is specifically designed for the changing, modern world. We are proposing that every single follower of Jesus has a responsibility to live out and expand the Kingdom of God in whatever areas their hands can reach – not just through church planting or cross-cultural missions, but through regular, small, courageous acts of love and collective efforts to bless their world with others of like mind.

So the Tribe is designed to promote this ideology and to connect people who live it out into localized “families” of purpose. The Tribe is a global family of these “lifestyle missionaries”.

K: What’s the difference between Tribe international and Tribe local?

N: The international Tribe team sees it as their goal to help shift the Christian church/mission paradigm through teaching a “new way”, networking like-minded people together, and training leaders for this new context. In contrast, a local Tribe community is where the “lifestyle missionary” ideology meets the needs of the real world – in every sphere of influence, on the ground, in cities and neighbourhoods.

K: What’s your role in the Tribe (internationally and locally)?

N: We don’t have “roles” in the official sense of the word, but my international involvements with the Tribe leadership team have been primarily around helping shape the vision and philosophy, strategizing the structure, designing new types of training, and lately – building the new Tribe online presence. Locally in Christchurch, we are still working on what The Tribe looks like and how we’re going to bring it all together. There’s definitely more to come in terms of the local expression in the year ahead!

K: What are some projects/arms the Tribe is working on developing?

N: We have always have a million irons in the fire so I won’t list ALL of the schemes that are up our sleeve at the moment. I’d say there are probably 4-5 projects we’re actively working on right now. Among them – and as I said mentioned – were in the middle of a pretty big website project which aims to provide a literal connection point for the Tribe family around the world. We’re also in the process of putting together a two-week training course called “The Tribe Leadership Camp” which we plan to run for the first time this August in Norway. And, of course, there’s Bonfire 2016.

We also have a bit of a “side project” in the works called “The Book of the People”. This is going to be a two-week, pop-up “museum of the Bible” featuring some pretty incredible, ancient biblical texts provided by a friend of ours who is a world-renown archeologist. The idea is to make the historical bible accessible to the average person by placing it physically in the center of society. The first BotP display is going to run in Honolulu at the end of 2016 and will provide a collaboration point for the Tribe, local missionaries, and the wider body of Christ in the area.

The Tribe team also put together a lifestyle missionary focused devotional that Kate is helping edit and I will design. 

K: How can people connect to the Tribe or learn more about it?

We are just finishing up the new Tribe website & it will be ready for use shortly. Visit thetribe.globalto receive an alert when the site is live. The website is a vital tool to help conenct lifestyle missionaries around the world, equip them with resources, help them gather people locally or internationally and go deeper in pioneering new initiatives and discipling others. We also have a Tribe Leadership Camp happening in Norway, September 2016. Learn more here: . 

The Tribe Leadership Camp (or TLC) is a ground-breaking immersive learning environment and launching platform built specifically for this new kind of missionary. Because we believe that community (the spiritual family of God) is at the heart of global change, over these 12 days we will live together, practice sustainable rhythms of prayer, worship and rest, all the while helping you spot and start to develop your leadership gifts and calling alongside like-minded pioneers. It will be a greenhouse of growth sparked by the spirit of God and lead by many pioneering voices in the body of Christ. Following the learning phase, you and your team will launch it’s skills and passion into action in the location of your choosing linked to The Tribe network of coaching and support.

If your heart longs for community, craves authenticity and wants to get equipped as a leader to make a lasting impact in the world around you, then TLC is for you!

Vision & Topics


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