Involvements, ministries, projects, and more.

We arrived in New Zealand with open hands and willing hearts. We didn’t have any plan other than to watch, learn, listen, and obey. Over the last few years God has directed us into a number of exciting initiatives.

Below you will find a short summary of each of the projects or ministries we’re currently pursuing. If you want to know more about any of them please don’t hesitate to get in touch; we’d love to tell you all about it!

YWAM Oxford

YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Oxford

We are currently partnered with Youth With A Mission Oxford to live/work/serve in Christchurch. A few of our involvements with YWAM Oxford include:

• We run a hospitality house for short term mission teams, incoming and departing students/staff and sometimes individuals in need.

• Occasionally we teach on base (topics range from Outreach Prep to Post-Outreach Debrief)

• Oxford web management (brand new site coming 2015)

• We connect incoming YWAM teams with housing and outreach opportunities in the city

• We help lead a Friday night outreach with students involving our ministry wearechch.co.nz (see below)


The Tribe

The Tribe

In many ways, the Tribe is the culmination point for all of our ministry endeavours so far. It brings together our involvement with YWAM, our missional community and house church development experience, and our passion for prayer with a local and intentional emphasis on the city God has called us to.

The Tribe is an international YWAM ministry we are helping to develop and pioneer with a global team of spiritual entrepreneurs and activators. The primary objective of the Tribe is to promote and encourage the understanding that TO FOLLOW CHRIST IS TO BE ON MISSION.

Launched in Kona in 2010 during YWAM’s 50th Anniversary gathering, the Tribe is just beginning to take shape and the future is beyond exciting! We have HUGE plans and it’s going to take quite a bit of time, energy, organization and God’s grace to make it all happen.

We developed a smartphone app, and are currently developing an online training course, putting together a leadership school (see MCX), collecting data from communities all over the world, and assembling an interactive map to help connect anyone to a Christ-centered community of mission right where they live.

Noah will be investing a LARGE amount of time and energy into making all of these things a reality and we’re ecstatic about the potential to empower thousands of young people into the work of Jesus right where they live!!

Find out more by going to the website below or by emailing Noah directly (he LOVES to talk about this project!)

The Tribe

Prayer Collective

Prayer Collective Christchurch

Kate’s been spearheading a citywide prayer collective that focuses on championing & pioneering prayer & worship expressions in the city. God brought together a like-minded team around us to help ignite a city-wide prayer movement & create a trans-denominational prayer room in the city that’s accessible to anyone. DEEP (a 24 hour, semi-annual, citywide prayer and worship gathering) was birthed in 2014 & we continue to facilitate these with our team. We believe prayer is the heart of mission and the heart of bringing transformation to the city.


Missional Community Experience

MCX or the Missional Community Experience is a 24 week immersion program we are launching in Christchurch. The MCX is a second level YWAM school (ie. you must do a DTS first) that is designed to equip participants to live out their individual callings as missional people in every sphere of society. Students will live in shared housing, develop and practice missional rhythms, and learn skills that will prepare them to lead and innovate new missional expressions around the world.

The school is broken into two phases: LEARN / LAUNCH - each is 12 weeks in length and each with a specific theme. LEARN is all about breaking existing paradigms and learning useful leadership skills. LAUNCH is a two-track phase with options to either stay in Christchurch and continue to explore a missional lifestyle together or to launch into a new context with the support of students and staff via online coaching and ongoing learning.

**Completed September 2015**

We Are Chch

We Are Christchurch

We Are Chch (Christchurch) is a photojournalistic project that creates the opportunity to meet and reach locals through conversation, story telling and prayer. We interview locals, take their photo, and post a brief story about them on our Instagram feed, "wearechch".

The We Are Chch project is designed not only to bless the city and those living in it, but also as a way for DTS students to engage in meaningful conversations with strangers and get used to interacting with people they don't know. It helps develop good question-asking and listening skills as well as occasionally providing the students with an opportunity to bless a total stranger in prayer.

In the aftermath of the earthquakes and during this time of rebuild, we wanted to inspire and encourage people around the city by showcasing the vibrancy, diversity, and resilience of the human spirit.

Check out We Are Chch on Instagram

MC Development

Missional Community Development

We recently facilitated a Missional (Learning) Community – a short term training group designed as an incubator for missional community ideas and practices. Our hope is that each of those involved come away from this experience with a greater understanding of humble leadership, vulnerability, practical disciple-making and experience with how to inspire a culture of mission.

We believe that most people learn by DOING, rather than simply by reading, hearing, or watching.

A movement of missional communities would mean a movement of Christ-followers who help others understand and follow Jesus themselves. So it is our goal and desire to help catalyze, train, and participate in missional communities in and around Christchurch and throughout New Zealand. We want to see a resurgence of disciple-making in NZ.