Recap of Bonfire, 2015

by Kate on April 4, 2016

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BONFIRE September 2015

We flew to the University of the Nations to help run the first BONFIRE, an annual Tribe gathering that brings together lifestyle missionaries from around the globe. Bonfire is a Tribe family gathering for practitioners, leaders, pioneers and partners from around the world.

Lifestyle missionaries are people who intentionally integrate the call of Jesus into whatever work they do. We had a variety of people attend, from Korean pop music producer to Chinese megachurch pastor to Snowboarder’s for Christ president and missional community leaders from Norway.

It was an amazing time walking alongside these amazing people! We spent a week preparing for the gathering, a week running the gathering, and a week debriefing with the team and exploring the island.


Kate’s highlight: Getting to know the Tribe staff better & connecting with missionaries, pastors & pioneers from around the globe. 

Noah’s highlight: Bonfire turned out great! It went from a one-time event to something that will be central to the Tribe family for years to come. So my highlight was that it went well enough that we are going to run them again and again.

Sparrow’s highlight: Making new friends at the YWAM base!

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tribe in prayerroom



The next BONFIRE will be YWAM University of the Nations campus in Kona, Hawaii from 19-23 September. Our desire is to build deeper friendships, share stories, exchange ideas, dream new dreams, and discover what God is doing among us now and in the year to come.

We believe Bonfire is a Tribe family gathering for practitioners, leaders, pioneers and partners from around the world. is summoning a legion of adventurous pioneers and spiritual homesteaders that carry the call to ignite communal fires and gather the wanderers to His welcoming warmth. He is raising up a new breed of missionary from every nation whose unflinching purpose is to make disciples wherever they go, bring restoration to whatever they touch and incarnate the transformative life of Jesus right where they live.

This clarion call has echoed across the nations and it is being answered by a new generation of lifestyle missionaries and missional pioneers. A generation who believes that every follower of Jesus is created with a purpose, equipped with spiritual skills, guided by the Holy Spirit and called to bring restoration into specific areas of society. A stealthy and unstoppable surge of ordinary people obsessed with radical obedience.

Because our emphasis is on building a global family, this gathering isn’t going to be about pulling in big name speakers, hearing lectures, doing workshops, or getting hyped up. Instead we’ll spend most of our time sharing meals, going on adventures and telling stories.

Get in touch if you’re a practitioner, leader or pioneer in the areas below & are interested to know more about attending this year’s Bonfire!

Business and Entrepreneurship
Church Ministry
Arts and Entertainment
Lifestyle Sports