The Heart of What We do

by Kate on January 3, 2017

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The main “mandate” that God gave us upon arriving in New Zealand was to be catalyzers and bridgers. We, like many, feel God continues to emphasize that He’s wanting to do an awesome work in New Zealand that it’s very much tied to restoring the original purposes of this land and people while bringing true Christ-like transformation in people’s hearts.

But we felt God show us pretty quickly that transforming a city takes times. Creating a sustained transformation in society isn’t a quick fix, nor does it happen with one mega evangelist passing through town. Digging, sowing and reaping doesn’t happen overnight. It can take years and years to till the soil and plant the seeds. A great harvest comes because of the work done behind the scenes.

We are privileged to play a role alongside the believers in the city in seeing God do a radical thing here. We all are a piece of the puzzle. Every church, every gathering, every believer.


We arrived in 2010. Since then we’ve watched God place us in positions to come alongside others to help catalyze them in their personal walks or in their ministry work—this benefits them as well as the city. What spurs our “catalyzing” is a deep desire to help launch others into Kingdom work in whatever sphere they feel called to, in and outside the church walls. We have a heart to see the people of Christchurch inspired and equipped to fulfill God’s mission for them.

For us, this has included working alongside many locals of Christchurch who are involved in many different facets of society and ministry, our broader contacts around New Zealand.

So if you’ve ever been confused about “what we do”… that’s the main heartbeat of what we’re doing down here in the south island: championing others and working alongside them to join God in what He’s doing here in Christchurch on a wide-scale. The practical outworking of that looks differently day to day.

At any point we are working on these initiatives alongside others:

  • Tribe // global involvement // aims to catalyze others into being lifestyle missionaries in different spheres of influence // we ran a second-level YWAM school (Missional Community Experience), and are exploring what the next version of that looks like here
  • Prayer Collective Christchurch // local & regional involvement // working with local believers, worship teams, intercessors & pastors to ignite fires of prayer & worship across the city to do the “heavy lifting” to break through the dark spiritual oppression that’s been hanging over the region.
  • -3DM // local & national involvement // working with pastors and leaders on discipleship models
  • -Missional Community development // personal & involvement.
  • -YWAM // local involvement // teaching on schools, helping incoming mission teams, ran the MCX (Missional Community Experience) school in 2015, growing relationships with students and staff who come through the base. // *Rad Update!* Noah was asked to become a part of the YWAM Oxford Trust which offers spiritual and financial oversight for the base. What an honour! His participation starts February 2017.
  • -Discipleship // We walk alongside young leaders in our community and prayerfully encourage them in their callings in the city.

For more details on our work, visit our website’s project page.

To read up on some of our recent Prayer Collective involvements, go here:


DEEP April 2016


Prayer & Worship Think Tank hosted by Prayer Collective Christchurch


Noah and I both had the privilege of speaking on this YWAM Oxford DTS school in May & July.


Noah’s rad design work for the Tribe table @ a Kansas City gloabl YWAM gathering.


YWAM staff retreat!


Participating in Love This City outreach initiative!


Noah attended a national 3DM gathering with his Christchurch team.


The Prayer Collective hosted a Pop Up Prayer Room for the Deep community to start experimenting with how a pray room can function like.


A snapshot from DEEP November 2016.


Our faithful DEEP teammates (Zion missing).


Super rad local crew who kicked off the last DEEP of the year. Zion picture with hat (part of PCC & DEEP team).


Yeah boy! Finally moving back onto our lovely YWAM property after 3.5 months on the mainland, 3 months at YWAM Kona and 8 months living in another part of Christchurch!